The Mount Whittier Motel has quite a history. Initially it was known as Waddington’s Camps with separate cabins and the house, which is still here today. The house is estimated to be about 120 years old. It changed names to the Crystal Pond Courtel, and finally became the Mount Whittier Motel. We were very popular with skiers in the days when the Whittier Ski field was open just 3 miles north of us. The cabins were eventually replaced by connected rooms, as they are today.

In the arctic cold of January 2005, we took over the motel. The term rustic” is a kind way of putting what the motel was then! In 2006 he closed it down to start a massive renovation. Which involved stripping out the walls, floors, installing all new plumbing, and electrical to bring it up to the comfortable and clean motel it is today.

The motel has regular guests that have been coming to the motel for 20 years, and who have some very interesting stories to tell! Families that have been coming up to Lake Ossipee and the White Lake State Park since they were children are now bringing their children up here for the beautiful nature and outdoors lifestyle we are so lucky to have here.

We very much look forward to seeing you all, and welcome you to our cozy and clean motel to relax, enjoy and unwind in this beautiful Lakes Region and White Mountain area.

Your Hosts